Marcellus Raphael Angelo d’Alighieri Castiglione

Barony: Londinium
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Human
Willingly sacrificed at the insistance of a Law avatar


Usually if I write about a dead person it’s just to say how sad I am that they are gone. With Marcellus it is a bit different because I AM sad he is gone but I also wish I could say thank you to him because of what he done in sacrificing himself. Lots of people got lots of ideas about how it happened and why and I think it is important to have a record of some of the facts. Here is what I think happened:

The Harts quested and got the seven swords of Waylund during the year and we knew that they had to be brought to Milford to help us defeat Morgana. We failed and one sword wasn’t there – the sword of Justice. A rite got done to allow Excalibur to take the place of that sword and for it to BE Eledor temporarily. The rite held the Harts accountable for it being missing and Ross stood forward on trial in it. When the rite was done nothing happened straight away but later an avatar of Law stormed in and screamed about what had we done and found Ross who got told he weren’t in charge and he had to pick one of the people who WAS in charge to pay the consequences for this failure and to take the punishment the trial called for. Eclipse and Marcellus were in charge there – she was in charge of the mission and he was in charge of the law. Ross tried hard to make it himself or to refuse to choose but Igraine was saying that he was failing to embody the sword’s virtue and Law was saying that if he didn’t choose then we all would die.

Law made Eclipse execute Marcellus for treason after Ross chose him out of the two to take the punishment.

Lots of people say it were a bad choice to pick either of them and how could we do that for a sword but it ain’t just a sword or a bit of metal, it is part of what Albion is and needed. And we needed it there to destroy the phylactery and we needed to do THAT to kill Morgana and if we had failed then probly nobody would of walked out of there. Marcellus stepped forward willingly and knelt awaiting the judgement and we will not forget that sacrifice. Maybe it weren’t the only way but it was the only way we could see right there and right then. Marcellus helped us kill Morgana for good and I am very grateful and I wish he was still around.

Graf Dog

— Record begins —

Name: Marcellus Raphael Angelo
d’Alighieri Castiglione
Birth: the 15th Day of January,
Year of our Lords 1065, at Firenze in the country
of Italija.

Father: Don Marco d’Brevari
Mother: Donna Lydia Deodati d’Alighieri

Paternal Uncle: Don Nicholas
Castiglione, Don d’Castiglione (deceased)
Maternal Uncle: Don Allesandro
d’Alighieri, Don d’Alighieri

Additional Notes:

Presumed a casualty of the Molinari d’Alighieri War that saw the near complete annihilation of the Castiglione Line in the summer of 1080, a man claiming to be Marcellus Castiglione appeared in Albion in 1102.

  • Claim to the name and title of d’Alighieri Castiglione Cadet line was upheld by the College of Names in the Spring of 1102.
  • D’Alighieri Castiglione Cadet line adopted as the Line of Castiglione Lineage in the Summer of 1102. Don Marcellus granted the title Don d’Castiglione.
  • The Don d’Castiglione recognizes Josephina Lydia Francesca (b. 20th July 1095), daughter of Lady Vanessa of Tewkesbury as his Natural daughter and Heir in the Spring of 1103.

Since his return, the Don d’Castiglione has continued to involve himself in matters of Commerce and Politics. Holder of a condottieri commission within the Company of the Black Boar the Don initially served as Master Alchemist to the Albion Court. He has maintained an outspoken position on the Island Council’s Neutral Stance and involvement with the Empire, and it has been noted that his colours have been flown on vessels acting in defense of Albion.

The Island Council has recently been informed that Don Marcellus currently commands the Albion Navy and has been conferred the Albione titles of Baron Londinium and High Admiral of the Fleets.

— Record ends —

College of Names (Syracussa, Sicilija), 1106