May 1111

The Harts show a strong presence at the Moot held in Lyon, Lyonesse. Peace is reached with the Viper nation after assisting in a strike against one of the Viper enemies. War is threatened with the Tarantulas but extended talks and an agreement to perform rites dedicating power to Dracos see an end to the hostilities. In very different circumstances, Talos of the Crows of Albion and Riley of the Slap ‘n’ Tickle, Londinium fall over the course of the weekend. A further gargoyle from the cathedral is recovered.

At the Great Erdrejan Fayre members of the Harts put in a good show in the Save the World and Bards competitions but fail to live up to the Regent’s hopes in the Jugger and fall to the Jackals side. The lich released from Roskear contacts a number of named individuals by letter. An issue in the Spiral Mountain instigates the appearance of the Balrog, cultist activity is proven. The deaths of significant Tarantulas at the hands of Vipers sees them, with aid from Wolves and Bears, march on the Vipers who are in turn aided by the Jackals. Major losses occur but the Harts take a stance of neutrality and in the spirit of the Gathering Treaty accommodate non combative parties and operate as a triage centre with the support of the Guild of Healers.