Barony: Rufford
County: Nottingham
Duchy: Keswick
Group: The Reapers
Race: Half Orc
Position: Earl of Nottingham

At the mere age of four, Rathdon was unfortunate enough to see his father slain and reborn as undead… His mother had long passed away leaving him alone in the world. A band of looting Orcs took him, raising him as their own and teaching him the way of the barbarian. Rathdon grew strong. The only sorrow in his heart was that he would never truly fit in to his new family and he prayed each night that he could be one of them. One night during a ritual, they requested the young teen take part, eager to help Rathdon agreed. Dark magics were used, but something went wrong during the ritual and all but Rathdon were slain by a horde of undead led by none other than Rathdon’s shell of a father. The circle exploded leaving everything in ruins, when he awoke Rathdon’s physique had changed not to one that he prayed for so often, not full Orc nor full human – he was now half Orc.

Passing from town to town, being shunned and rejected, he decided to do the best he could to fit in. He removed most of his unusual features and would constantly grind his tusks to make them less pronounced. Thus started his solo life. Rathdon never wanted to find comrades or friends, for the chance of losing them was to great in this dreadful world… all was going well.

At the Gathering of Nations 1098, the Wolf Barbarians of Norsca welcomed Rathdon and introduced him to the art of gate guarding. The Reapers welcomed their new companion and life for them grew more fruitful. Within mere months they became guards to the Master archer Lord Chicalla, retrieving sacred artefacts such as Hern’s arrow. Rathdon shone and was soon looked upon as leader to the Reapers. Travellers through and through, the Reapers moved to the Dragons faction the following year. The Great Pyramid brought great pain for Rathdon as all of his comrades were lost in one valiant charge.

Once again Rathdon was alone and spent years gaining new comrades and allies. For his bravery and leadership he was awarded position of gate captain. He kept dragon lands safe for many a year before being bestowed the title of Militia guild liaison, Baron of Clare and even King of Clare until Finn and his father Balor, lord of the famorian, claimed Clare as theirs.

1104 brought about great joy for Rathdon as he entered into a new life with Meek. 1106 brought forth more Reapers in the case of Sundarum, their first child. At the same time the Dragons declared their most loyal allies The Harts would no longer receive their aid in any form. Rathdon and the Reapers, now thirty some strong, left the Dragons land, and their internal struggles, declaring allegiance to the crown of the Harts. All of the Albion people welcomed them with open arms. So the years press on and Rathdon and his band of Reapers crave the laying to rest of the undead, ever hopeful to finally lay his father to rest.