Position: Alpha of Order of the Stag
Order of the Stag
Group: The Hunters
Barony: Edwinstowe
County: Ellenbrooke
Duchy: Gloucester
Race: Fae

Ripper originaly ran with the wild hunt. For many years his happiest moments were the hunt and the kill. then came the corruption of The Hunter. When the Wild Hunt was called and The Hunter’s corruption became more obvious Ripper chose to leave the hunt and see what had become of the outside world he had so nearly forgotten and if there was some way to heal his ailing ancestor.

Meeting Tylendal and Condor helped to funnel his wild and near bestial nature into a more civilised manner. Ripper quickly made friends with the Hunters and pledged his alliegence with The Hunters anew; vowing to find some way to help Hunter best his growing corruption.

Dangerous Woodland Creatures, A Spotter’s Guide
Autumn 1106