February 1107

With the aid of The Trinity, the liche Castel is ritually summoned to
Keswick and his link to the land is blocked. A combined force of Harts,
Wolves and Vipers (backed by a number of guild representatives) chases
down the liche and his vanguard and destroys them. The corruption upon
the land does not however abate with Castel’s destruction.

A woman claiming to be The Mother appears and denounces not only Nethras
but the Hunter and Pendragon also. She is narrowly prevented from
murdering those Mother worshippers who follow her into the woods. She
and her followers then attack both the Harts, and the ancestral aspects
of the Trinity present.

After intelligence suggesting the the Lions are inadvertently
responsible for Castel’s ascension and the corruption of the land, a
state of war is declared between the Harts and Lions. Diplomatic
meetings between the two factions are expected at the Great Erdrejan
Fayre. The Vipers and Wolves factions both bear witness to the
corruption they have seen and pledge support for the Harts until their
grievance is settled.

Representatives of the Court Of Truth ask for a statement of the Harts intent towards the daemonologist in the Bloodwood. They are given assurances of the Harts intentions but no alliance is offered and distrust of the Court remains. A daemonic assassin in the pay of the Court Of Lies also appear seeking to kill the Court Of Truth and any who harbour them. The assassin denies the sovereignty of the Pendragon Throne, claiming that his Queen rules the Bloodwood, and is dismissed with force.